The advantages of engineering apprenticeships for employers are becoming increasingly recognised across the country, and this trend is particularly evident in Manchester. Here are seven of the most significant benefits of incorporating an engineering apprentice into your organisation, tailored to Manchester’s dynamic business landscape.

  1. Utilise Government Funding to the Fullest
    Make the most of government funding to equip your workforce for a bright future within your Manchester-based business while obtaining internationally recognised qualifications.

For levy-paying employers, the funds in your account can be used to cover apprenticeship training and assessment costs (up to a funding band maximum).
For non-levy paying employers, the cost of apprenticeship training can be shared with the government (up to 95% funded).

It’s important to note that responsibilities such as the apprentice’s salary, statutory licences, travel and subsidiary expenses, and work placement programmes, where applicable, remain the employer’s obligation.

Further insights are available on the government’s website.

Understanding Funding
Discover how higher and degree apprenticeship funding operates for both levy and non-levy paying employers.

2. Reduce Recruitment Costs
Recruiting new personnel comes with costs and potential risks. In Manchester, consider upskilling your existing staff to ensure your organisation has the capable workforce it needs without relying heavily on new recruits.

3. Enhance Your Service Quality
In a 2017 government-commissioned survey, 86% of employers reported benefiting from ‘the development of skills relevant to the organisation’ through the employment of apprentices. Three-quarters additionally highlighted improvements in productivity, product or service quality, and staff morale.

For more information, refer to the complete report.

4. Foster Skill Development Relevant to Manchester’s Industry
All engineering apprenticeship programmes have been collaboratively designed with Manchester’s industries to address existing skill gaps. This ensures that your employees gain the necessary expertise for success in their chosen fields.

The selection of degree apprenticeship courses available is continuously expanding. Feel free to reach out if your preferred pathway isn’t currently listed.

5. Cultivate Employee Motivation in Manchester
One of the most notable benefits of apprenticeships, both for employers and staff, is their ability to sustain long-term motivation and commitment. In Manchester, your apprentice(s) will know that, upon completion, they’ll possess a highly valuable qualification—a boon for them personally and for your organisation.

6. Develop a High-Quality Workforce
Well-trained and highly skilled staff members add substantial value to Manchester-based organisations, directly and through their capacity to coach, mentor, and train their colleagues. Shape the team you need to achieve your business goals.

7. Attract Top-Tier Talent to Manchester
Offering an engineering apprenticeship serves as a compelling incentive for potential job applicants, allowing you to select from the most dedicated and brightest prospects. If you partner with us, your vacancy will be featured on our Apprenticeship Vacancies page, providing exposure to high-calibre candidates within Manchester.

The advantages of engineering apprenticeships offered by Elevated Knowledge are clear: tapping into government funding for staff development, saving on recruitment costs by upskilling existing employees, improving service quality and productivity, offering skills that match local industry needs, motivating employees for the long term, developing a skilled workforce, and attracting top talent. Engineering apprenticeships in Manchester are a smart way to enhance the workforce, support local industries, and contribute to the city’s growth.

Another advantage of choosing Elevated Knowledge as your engineering apprenticeship provider is ON DEMAND START DATES!

No need to wait for the September term – our new monthly intakes allow you to start your new apprentice (or enrol a current member of staff) whenever it suits you best.

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