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Employers Guide

to Apprenticeships with Elevated Knowledge


I am looking for a new apprentice, why should I participate in the EKL Apprenticeship Programme?

The EKL Apprenticeship Programme offers a valuable solution to address the current and future needs of your business while tackling any skills shortage you may be experiencing.

By participating in this program, you can ensure that your workforce of the future possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and dedication to drive your business's ongoing development.

Through our planned recruitment initiatives, you will have the opportunity to bring experienced employees of various age groups into your organisation. This strategic approach allows you to proactively plan for future workforce requirements, whether it be due to expansion plans, or the retirement of personnel.

By recruiting apprentices through the Elevated Knowledge Apprenticeship Programme, you can effectively and affordably train and retain younger workers who bring fresh perspectives and energy to your team.

Streamlining your recruitment process: Finding the perfect fit for your workforce can be a daunting task, but our experienced recruitment department is here to alleviate that stress. Rest assured that all our applicants undergo rigorous testing and interviews during the application process, guaranteeing that you will only be presented with candidates who are truly suitable for your business.

Join the EKL Apprenticeship Programme today and unlock the potential of a skilled and dedicated workforce that will drive your business forward.

Discovering the ideal apprenticeship for your needs: Elevated Knowledge have a dedicated team who are here to help you to have a seamless recruitment process. Our apprenticeship advisors will help you to choose the standard and units that most benefit your company. If you wish to speak to one of our apprenticeship advisors, just get in touch!

We deliver accredited engineering apprenticeships in: 





Lift Maintenance & Safety



Fabrication & Welding

Business administrator (Level 3)

Lean manufacturing operative (Level 2)