EAL Level 4 Certificate in Performing Testing Operations in the Lift and Escalator Industry

Why Choose Our Qualification?

The EAL Level 4 Certificate in Performing Testing Operations in the Lift and Escalator Industry is designed for professionals seeking to formalise and demonstrate their competence in testing and commissioning within this dynamic sector. Delivered remotely through our advanced e-portfolio system and live video feed observations, this qualification ensures you gain industry-recognised skills while maintaining flexibility.

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4.5 Hours

Course Content

Who Is This Qualification For?

This certification is ideal for:

  • Individuals with recognised Lift and Escalator Industry qualifications.
  • Professionals responsible for testing and commissioning new or existing equipment.
  • Specialists aiming to enhance their accountability and industry recognition.
Key Features of the Qualification
  • Competency-Based Assessment: Demonstrate your skills and knowledge through practical performance and documented work activities.
  • Flexible Delivery: Remote assessment via e-portfolio systems, with observations conducted through live video feeds.
  • Accreditation: Regulated at Level 4 by EAL and supported by the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA).
  • Career Progression: Opens pathways to further qualifications and enhanced career opportunities.
Qualification Structure

To achieve this certification, learners must complete a total of five units:

Mandatory Units:

  • Understanding health and safety requirements.
  • Meeting health and safety requirements.
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and reporting data.
  • Making decisions through information exchange.

Optional Units (Choose at least one):

  • Performing testing operations on existing/modernised equipment.
  • Performing commissioning tests on new equipment.
Entry Requirements
Minimum of two years’ post-qualification occupational experience.
Relevant prior qualifications in the Lift and Escalator Industry.
Successful completion of a skills scan to ensure readiness.

Holistic Assessment Approach:
Evidence gathered through practical performance and documented work activities submitted via our E-Portfolio system.

What’s Included

3.5Hrs of Video Instruction

2 Written Docs

14 Source Files

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• Email: info@elevatedknowledge.co.uk

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Expert Assessors:

All assessments are conducted by experienced industry professionals to ensure candidates meet rigorous industry standards.

Flexible Assessment Methods:
We use e-portfolio software, allowing candidates to upload their work from site and participate in remote live video observations.

Real-World Validation:

Our assessment-based approach ensures that candidates demonstrate their competence in real work environments.

Industry Recognition:

Industry Recognition: Our qualifications are recognised by employers across the UK, offering significant career advancement opportunities.

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