Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship with Elevated Knowledge

Lean manufacturing is an innovative mindset and strategic approach to production that centres around optimising efficiency, reducing waste, and consistently enhancing processes.

Course Overview:

Our apprenticeship program, fully funded to levy payers  (95% funded for Non Levy payers) is designed to be completed over a span of 13 months, right within your company in order to minimise any disruptions and maximise its relevance.
By following the standards set in place for this apprenticeship, learners will acquire essential competencies in Lean Manufacturing, with a strong focus on enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and continuously improving processes.
This comprehensive program also covers crucial skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication specifically within a manufacturing environment.

We offer a range of accredited engineering apprenticeships

Course Investment

If you are a:
LEVY payer – you can use your levy to fund the apprenticeship and included qualifications in full.
Non-LEVY payers – You pay only 5% of the cost (95% of the course is funded).


Implementing lean manufacturing principles requires commitment from leadership, employee involvement, and a systematic approach to continuous improvement.

Enrolling your team is simple, contact us and we will guide you through the enrolment process, tailoring the programme to suit your specific requirements.

Flexible Learning:

  • Our flexible schedules accommodate shift workers ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • The workplace delivery is complemented by monthly, flexible learning modules and bi-weekly online tutor sessions.
  • This approach is designed to fit seamlessly into various work schedules, including shift patterns.
  • Every 8 weeks we draft detailed teaching and assessment plans, encompassing lessons, research materials and in-company tasks.
  • This ensures a well structured and relevant learning path.

Benefits to employers:

  • Increased Productivity “Adopt lean methodologies to streamline processes and enhance productivity”
  • Cost Savings “Implement cost-effective practices, reducing waste and operational expenses”
  • Quality Improvement “Achieve higher quality standards, leading to customer satisfaction and repeat business”.
  • Employee Engagement: “Foster a culture of continuous improvement and employee involvement in Key Processes”.
  • A recognised qualification funded as part of the apprenticeship.
  • Qualification included is: City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing (Knowledge & Skills) (4500-12)

Benefits to Learners:

  • Skill Development “Gain hands on experience in lean manufacturing principles and practices”
  • Career Advancement “Open doors to career progression in the manufacturing sector”
  • Professional Recognition “Earn a recognised qualification validating your skills and knowledge”.
  • Personal Growth: “Build confidence and a sense of achievement through practical learning and accomplishment”.
  • Feel valued by their company.
Are there any age restrictions for this apprenticeship?
Absolutely no age restrictions whatsoever.

This apprenticeship welcomes individuals of all ages.

How many hours will my employee be off site for this apprenticeship?
This apprenticeship is delivered completely on site. Your staff member will not be expected to be in EKL at any stage. Our assessors will come to you to assess and the training will be delivered by way of monthly training modules and bi-weekly online tutor sessions.
Learners will need to log at least 6 hours per week learning hours and will need to attend a two hour session at least once a month.
How will this apprenticeship be assessed?
At the end of 13 months, learners will undergo an End Point Assessment.

An Assessor will observe  the apprentices working within the company environment, assessing their application of lean manufacturing skills. They will be expected to submit a portfolio of evidence showcasing their work and achievements throughout the apprenticeship. They will also be given a multiple choice test to assess their theoretical understanding of the concepts taught.

We offer a range of accredited engineering apprenticeships

Our range of accredited engineering apprenticeships

  • Mechanical & electrical Apprenticeships
  • Lift Engineering Apprenticeships
  • Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeships
  • Engineering Fitter Apprenticeships
  • Fabrication & Welding Apprenticeships
  • Lean manufacturing operative Apprenticeships

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